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Where to drink Japanese sake in Kyoto?

This site includes the various places where you can enjoy sake in Kyoto.

The izakaya or Japanese tavern is the favorite place for Japaneses to unwind after a day of work or to relax with friends. Severals kinds of small dishes ans types of sake, izakaya are the good place de try in one time many foods. The most famous are Yakitori style ( chicken pieces,  sometimes beef or pork, grilled on a stewer ) but most of time you can also find tempura, sashmi and vegetables. You can also find the Obanzai, the typical Kyoto cuisine with local and seasonal ingredients.

There are of course other restaurants with various and varied specialties such as soba noodles, grilled meats, Kaiseki cuisine (refined cuisine), vegetarian cuisine, western cuisine, etc. A good opportunity to imagine mets-sake agreements.

Sake bars are becoming more and more popular and are still the best way to enjoy a lot of sake as the variety offered is often substantial. Most often you can also enjoy appetizers as accompaniment.

 The sakaya (liquor shop) are still a safe bet for souvenir. I give you the best shops in Kyoto.  And the last place you can also buy is in some souvenir shops or department stores that still have a liquor section on the food floor.

Finally last but not least is the sake brewery, some of them have a shop and you can taste. Sometimes on can also visit the brewery and learn a bit about the sake making process which is incredible. I suggest to you to contact the brewery few days or few weeks before to know the availibility.

This is the site to visit to immerse yourself in the history of deities alcohol  in Japan and understand a little more the complexity of its elaboration. The words “koji” “moromi” or “sake kasu” will have no more secrets for you. This site presents izakaya (taverns) restaurants, bars or shops where you can enjoy local cuisine accompanied by sake. Fine cuisine, family or street food, whether you are alone or in a group, you will find here just great addresses.