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For the love of Sake


Welcome to Guillaume OZANNE’s world.

After working in the milk industry and craftbeer brewer in France i arrived in Japan in 2013 with the idea of becoming a sake brewer. Beer, cheese or yoghurt, or japanese sake? just a question of fermentation…

I’m facinated by fermented food and brevages so naturally i found in love for japanese sake. Not sweet, not dry, fruity, earthy taste… How do you imagine sake? How we can obtain thoses flavors just with rice and water? Why sake making process seems to be so difficult to understand? Does sake match with foreign cuisine?

Why this Website?


Kyoto became really famous for its temples and shrines, but recently food travels is the new hobby of many tourists. Japanese cuisine is probably the most fashionable cuisine in the world and japanese sake follows the same path. The difficulty is to recognize the place when we don’t read japanese language or we don’t know so much about japanese cuisine and sake.

This website will help you to choose the right place for you. The addresses selected in this directory are establishments whose quality of cooking and sake I have approved.